Ways of the Seven


But the she and this other guy who was made of locusts had a plot to zombify most of Rajanapra, also Rhaleban got his dick wet and the ho involved had a subplot of sorts. But the she died and everyone else died too because everyone became zombies and swarmed the party after the party deliberately alerted the horde by creating a magical beacon to the God Hands themselves but they escaped through a portal which Phthaesis stays behind to use as the source of a gigantic magical Hadoken.

So the party survives and ends up at Darius’ place and Maryn wants to try and get information from her sister Ama who murdered Maryn’s mother to take her place as matriarch. So the party goes to the Mistveil and talks with some elves and things are bad because Ama is consolidating power to herself in an extremely un-elven fashion. They made good progress planting the seeds of a rebellion against Ama but just as things were picking up they were attacked by the vengeful spongy corpse of a guy they had tortured, stabbed, and thrown off a cliff. But then they got sent to the Feywild and were split up and found a shitload of fey crack in a cave and met with two elves who had followed them to the Feywild to help guide them to something that one of them had seen in dream-visions at the top of a fantastically high mega-mirror-image of the real-world cliff. So to get to the top of the cliff the party had to go through a strange extra-dimensional tunnel created by an ancient mysterious race to test worthiness by doing a bunch of puzzles. Then at the top of the cliff they were compelled by faerie magicks to go to a big still pond where a huge spectral stag/tentacle hybrid called Astaroth was waiting. He gave each of them a mental prophecy and turned Oracius into a warden and gave everyone a special item and then sent them all back to the Material realm. They found themselves in a fiery, riotous elf town that Maryn knows is the capitol and everyone is crying for Ama’s blood and that same damn dead guy is still trying to kill them.



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