Ways of the Seven

Escape from the City

Having made up their minds to leave the city, the party decides to first warn Falconcrest of the incoming invasion from the Sehrgan Highlands by Adrian. While heading to the seers on Mage’s Row, the group sees a huge plume of smoke rising up from the plains and obscuring the sun. Additionally, the streets seem rather deserted.

When the group meets the seer, they ask if they can locate a person. The seer informs them that such a task is beyond his power, but that he knows someone in the Starfell Academy who might be able to help them. The group huddles up and discusses their plans. Oracius suggests heading into the Mistveil and seeking help from Mauryn’s people, the elves. Mauryn seems hesitant but agrees. The nameless woman says that she will accompany them, if that is acceptable to the group; Oracius promises to protect her and help her as long as she needs to, with Solovey pointing out that their goals are identical. Their path decided, the group asks the seer who it is in Starfell that can help them; the seer says that Headmaster Masthar, grandson of the founder of Starfell Academy (and whose name means “Fallen Star” in the High Elven tongue), is the one who could help. Solovey reacts with shock, as he of course knows Masthar. The group decides to go ahead anyway and just level with the Headmaster and tell him the whole truth.

When the group attempts to leave the city to go to Starfell, however, the gates are locked with armed guards there, telling everyone that a brushfire is approaching and that the city is under martial law and no one may leave.

The group decides that they will have Solovey talk to the guards with the other four acting as his escorts. Solovey talks with him and Rhaleban steps forward and bluffs him successfully, but their rudeness attracts more guards, who do not like him; however, they manage to make their way through the gates.

They reach the gates of Starfell and Solovey magically opens the doors. The group enters into a huge reception hall. It is completely empty, which Solovey knows is strange. He remembers where the administrative offices are and they scale a staircase up to them. When they reach the top there is a room with a vaguely humanoid golem with a quill. It welcomes them and Solovey asks to see the Headmaster. This extremely polite clockwork secretary tells them where to find the Headmaster after a brief conversation.

They enter the Headmaster’s chamber, where they find an elf – the Headmaster. He explains that he knew of some of the events. Solovey gives him The Book of the Seven and the Headmaster translates a passage, that the Seven covered the land once but were sealed away, and from time to time their corruption rises to the surface to pull others to release them. The Headmaster says he knows of the coming Gnoll invasion but can do nothing about it. The group grows angry and frustrated and demands he do something. He says that there are few he can trust. Those he can trust are fighting the fire – the fire is aggressive towards the city, that it is magic in nature. The group says he must try to help the citizens; he says anything is possible, and they demand he try. He has been incredibly depressed and mopey. The group seems to pull him out of it – he says “You have shown me that anything is possible, and that the coming darkness can be fought.” He promises to help them however he can. He will magically warn the people of the city that they must arm themselves and ready for battle. Mauryn asks him if he can lift the bounty on Solovey and Oracius; Oracius says that the fastest way into Mistveil is via the Griffon Eyrie, and they can’t use it with a bounty for them. Masthar says he’ll give them his seal, which should clear their way. He says it will help but he can make no promises. Solovey asks for a mask to replace his bandages. Masthar bestows him with a magic mask (functions as Amulet of Health +1 in mask form), Oracius with a magical sword (Duelist’s Short Sword +1), Rhaleban with a grim rod (Rod of Corruption +1) and imbues Mauryn’s bow with frost magic (Frostbow +1).

The group inspects their new implements, their determination refreshed by the gifts, and huddles together to discuss their next course of action.



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