Ways of the Seven

Escape from the City, Part the Third

Adrian casts off his cloak – he is covered in unspeakable, twisted flesh, a grotesque parody of human anatomy. He glares at the party with a single humanoid eye – the rest of his face is a mass of gnarled skin.

The sky, which has until now been inky black, gradually fades into a giant black sphere on a blank white background. The sphere hovers above the dais. All around the party, the decrepit bones begin to stir, and skeletal hands reach towards the group.

Dozens of skeletal warriors arise all about the heroes’ feet. Quickly, Mauryn raises her sigil and turns a huge number of them, but there are so many that the skeletons continue to swarm, haphazardly slashing and beating with their arms. There is an explosion of violence as the horde of skeletons rushes in while the party simultaneously tries to beat them back. With a cry of “Protect the girl!” Oracius kills two of the undead, darting amongst the mass of bones and moving next to the Amnesiac Girl, trying to shield her. Solovey and Rhaleban both unleash blasts of magic, Solovey’s wand issuing fire while Rhaleban’s rod explodes with dark energy, each crumpling an undead form. As the group fights, they all notice peripherally that the gigantic black sphere is moving towards the dais.

Suddenly, there is a sound like ripping fabric, then one of rushing wind, and they all see that there seems to be a rip in space just outside the circle of skeletons. They see through it just a cloaking white mist.

“Can’t be any worse than here!” Oracius yells over the din of combat, while at the same time even more corpses arise and begin to pack in, seeming to try and prevent the party from reaching the rift. As the group begins to fight their way through the mass of undead, the Amnesiac Girl cries “Give me a weapon!” Oracius, standing next to her, quickly tosses her his old short sword, which she draws and unskillfully swings at the skeletons.

Rhaleban curses and destroys a skeleton, and, using his Fey Pact teleportation powers jumps through the rift, disappearing. Just after he does the rift begins to close, but another appears on the opposite side of the mob. Seconds after, there is the sound of igniting flame, and it seems as though space itself has been burned, and Solovey and Oracius, along with many skeletons, suddenly start plummeting downward through the ground and into inky white space. When the whiteness clears, the two see themselves being spat out of the black folds of the man who chased them originally. They are falling through midair along the cliff face of Falconhead Ridge. The masked figure that had chased them is tumbling through the air, fighting a hooded female figure wielding two short swords. Pitching through the air, Solovey catches a glimpse of another griffon riding frantically towards them, being steered by a man wearing blindfolds, Rhaleban also with him, trying to jockey for position and fire blasts at the dark man.

Back in the hellish world, Mauryn fights his way through the skeletons, grabs the girl by the waist and dives into the holes in space.

The blindfolded man begins trying to pull Solovey and Oracius on board, all of them grabbing for hands and feathers. Just after they get on board, they see Mauryn, still clutching the girl, spat forth from the folds of the black cloak of the man.

As the members try to get on board the griffon, the woman fighting the black figure slashes through his defenses and cuts his cloak in two. There is a scream and a dispersing of black magic, and then all that is left is a tattered cloak floating in the air.

The party scrambles onto the back of the griffon, and under the burgeoning weight, the griffon and its pilot plummets toward the earth. Large, wet leaves appear in a sudden rush, and as the griffon bashes uncontrollably into tree limbs, the party is shaken off. All are knocked unconscious.



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