Ways of the Seven

The Ancient Ziggurat, Part the First

After hours of exploring in search of the amnesiac girl the remaining party members stumble wearily onto the elven encampment, and are quickly surrounded by armed elven guards. After a brief negotiation between Mauryn Del Ver and the native elves, they are escorted to the outpost’s matriarch, Elde. To the great relief of the party, the amnesiac girl is summoned and presented unharmed by Merdarion, an elf introduced to the party as a representative of the Order of the Stars. Elde questioned the party as to their identities, and the story of Solovey and Adrian is told. Merdarion speaks on behalf of the Order, which he explains is an organization of elven sorcerers and druids who work to destroy “unnatural” menaces to elvenkind. He says that the Order is aware of the outbreak of the cult of Falconcrest, and that it corresponds to an increased instance of lizardfolk attacks and strange gatherings and rituals being performed. The elves wish the party to investigate a local ruin, a massive stone ziggurat which had, over centuries of abandonment, become overgrown with vines and half-sunken into the mire of the swamp. This place was a major center of occult activity among the lizardfolk, and the Order wished to act on the possibility that it was related to the occult violence in Falconcrest. In exchange, they offered to protect the amnesiac girl from harm, and work a cleansing ritual on her to try and recover some of her memory. The party, hoping to appease the elven captors and reasoning that information the girl’s memories could contain was worth the risk to themselves, set off with a company of elven warriors towards the ziggurat, into the lizardfolk-infested swamps beyond the forest stronghold.



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