A young, charismatic young man, in the same class as Solovey at Starfell Academy. Now known as “The Prodigal,” the prophet and architect of the return of The Seven.

Adrian was always surrounded by friends, admirers, and well-wishers. He had such personal magnetism that his dreams and ambitions were, practically automatically, shared by all around him. But of all his companions, of all the lives placed by default under his subtle control, the only person he really cared about was Solovey.

Adrian always told Solovey that together they would write their names on the pages of history. That with his drive, and Solovey’s magical talent, they could do anything…

At first, their activities were more mischievous than sinister, and mostly consisted of raiding the restricted sections of the Starfell libraries in search of information on more advanced magical theory. On one of these nocturnal outings, they discovered a magically-guarded safe hidden deep in the forbidden section. Within this safe were two items: an ancient and mysterious tome, and a strange, egg-shaped glass trinket. A cursory glance through the tome revealed that it was written in an incomprehensible secret tongue, and so it fell to Solovey’s more talented mind to decipher it. Adrian kept the strange talisman.

As Solovey deciphered sections of the cryptic tome, he began to uncover magical rituals of a strange but undeniably potent nature. It was, of course, Adrian’s drive and ambition that lead them to attempt to enact one of the fragmentary and scarce-understood rituals found within.

In the dead of night, Adrian, Solovey, The Amnesiac Girl, and perhaps five or six others in Adrian’s circle of friends ventured to a secure, hidden location in Falconcrest’s dank Undercity, in which they enacted the ritual. Solovey’s memories of the ritual are fragmentary and chaotic, tinged with pain and terror. For the girl, the ritual sundered her memory nearly completely. As for the other participants, they are presumed to be dead…or worse. And as for Adrian?

Shortly after Solovey recovered his senses and began his search for Adrian, he uncovered a vast web of conspiracy, a cult that worshiped ancient entities known only as “the Seven” imprisoned within the earth. They heralded the coming of “the Prodigal,” a messianic figure, imbued with the power and will of the Seven, that will lead them to break their subterranean chains and usher their return to the world, with cataclysmic results. Convinced that Adrian has somehow become this new figure, Solovey and his allies have embarked on a quest to find him, and to find out if any trace of the person Solovey once knew remains…or if it was ever there in the first place.


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