“May his blessing sever the tongues of the unworthy.”

-The Liar’s Creed

Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth and King of the Nine Hells, is not a true deity but the most powerful devil in existence. He rules the Nine Hells with an iron grip, regulating the inscrutable and diabolical hierarchy of major and minor devils. He is the Lawful Evil lord of lies, deceit, and tyranny, and is also known as Astaroth or Ereshkigal in archaic texts. Even speaking one of these names is said to attract his evil attention, and so he is commonly referred to euphemistically, by such titles as “Author of All Lies” and “The Adversary.”

Asmodeus rules the Nine Circles of Hell from a great rift at the very bottom of the Pit. Each of the eight lesser Lords pays homage to him, though of course each considers himself the rightful ruler of Hell and schemes constantly against Asmodeus and his fellow lords.

Ancient and cryptic legends, brutally repressed by right-thinking folk and secretly guarded by those who know, say that Asmodeus is older than Hell, older than the devils and older than the gods themselves; a primordial force who fell from grace and created his dark realm of suffering through his fall. It is said that his commonly seen form, a tall, horned man with red skin and enchanting eyes, is but an avatar or psychic projection. His true body, monstrous and miles long, is said to lie at the very bottom of the Pit of Hell, where infernal blood still seeps from his many wounds. Pit fiends and other powerful devils spring forth where his blood strikes the ground, and swarms of carrion imps gnaw at his bulk. No mortal can say if these rumors are true, but those who speak such rumors aloud are often later found to be creatively and gruesomely murdered, if they are found at all.

Courtesans and politicians worship Asmodeus to give them the skill they need to deceive, distort and obfuscate. Petty tyrants and envious vassals might offer him sacrifices to bring death to their enemies and silence any cries of freedom from their downtrodden lackeys. In addition to the worship of the King of Devils, the rest of the Lords of the Nine receive supplication based on their particular vice. Fat, amoral moneylenders credit their success to the Lord of the Seventh, Mammon, and prostitutes engage in wild debaucheries in the name of Lilith, Lord of the Sixth.


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