“Laughing Goddess, Lady of the Boundless Horizon, may every weary traveler find shelter beneath your gaze.”

-Book of Common Prayer

Avandra is the Chaotic Good deity of change, luck, travel, and adventure. As one of the two founding gods of the Valuan Empire, she is the most widely worshiped divine entity in Valua, followed by Erathis. Worshiped by a smaller percentage of Valua’s humans than Erathis, she is nonetheless the most popular deity thanks to the Empire’s halflings, among whom she enjoys widespread devotion. Her favored city and seat of her power on the Prime is Avandras, a city of magical wonders and capital of the Valuan Empire.

As befitting a goddess of change, Avandra takes many forms. Most often, she appears as a shining lady in flowing white garb of indeterminate race, who leaves behind a shimmering trail of light wherever she goes. She is just as likely to take on the appearance of a member of the mortal races, both male and female, or even a beast or inanimate object if it suits her.

In ecclesiastical art, Avandra is often portrayed as holding the Wheel of Fate, a symbolic representation of her domain of luck and fortune. However, she is merely the steward of the Wheel, and not its master: only Ioun the All-Knowing can truly say how it will turn.

In spite of her official status as one of the gods of the Imperial Cults and long history of organized worship, her commandments are few:

Luck favors the bold. Take fate into your own hands and change the world for the better.

Protect freedom and harmony from the forces of tyranny and destruction.

To try and anticipate the winds of change is futile; to resist them, more pointless still. View each twist of fortune as a new opportunity to do right in the world.

In 3.5 DnD, Avandra’s domains are Chaos, Good, Luck, and Travel.


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