“And they shall know the city of the Lady of Change thus: that it is solvent yet eternal.”

-Inscription on the base of the White Avandra

Avandras, “The White City”, “The City of Travelers”, is the capital of the Valuan Empire, and seat of its political and cultural power. An organic city, Avandras is riddled with winding streets and hidden shortcuts. The high percentage of wizards in Avandras has led to a large number of unique buildings and designs: There are countless curling, looping streets throughout the city, numerous obelisks and reedy spires that are held up only by magic, and platforms that orbit about towers, often with gardens and statues placed upon them. Perhaps the most unusual feature of Avandras is the buildings that actually move throughout the city.

Avandras is the largest city in the known world, both in terms of population and physical size. Nearly half of all high elves in the Valuan Empire live in the White City.

When our nation was young, before we were a great empire, our forefathers sought to found a mighty city on the Peninsula, the seat from which they would one day rule all the Continent. The gods Erathis and Avandra knew that these people would one day rule a great domain, and each wanted to affix their name permanently to such an endeavor. When the time came to christen their city, our ancestors were approached in turn by the two gods. First, Erathis spoke to the leaders of that young nation and said that, if they were to name the founding city after him, he would see them become great kings of industry. All about the realms of the city would rise mighty mountains, filled with gold and silver, iron, coal, and spices. The people informed the god that his offer was generous, and they would give his proposal the due consideration it deserved. The next evening, the goddess Avandra spoke, and let it be known that, were the city named in her honor, she would make them the masters of trade and commerce. She would see a powerful river spring forth and run through the heart of the city, carrying the inhabitants to faraway lands where they might meet and trade with exotic cultures, ever learning, ever growing, ever expanding. The leaders smiled, and thus was the city of Avandras born.


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