Barduria is a western province of the Valuan Empire. It is known for its traditional worship of Bahamut, which dates back to the pre-Valuan kingdom that occupied what would become Barduria.

The Kingdom of Barduria has its roots in the Age of Dragons, prior to the foundation of Valua, and although accurate records date back only to around 500 AI, the Kingdom is believed to be over 1650 years old. Prior to the Bardurian-Valuan War, Barduria led an insular existence, its leaders believing their nation to be unique on the continent as a bastion of civilization. When they encountered the nascent Valuan Empire, their relations were quickly spoiled due to the Bardurians’ highly developed sense of personal honor, and their labyrinthine social mores. Distrust, suspicion and veiled hostilities simmered between the two states, and as Valua expanded elsewhere on the continent, Barduria was content to hold its borders and focus on the intricacies of its elaborate political scene. When war finally erupted, it ended with the incorporation of the Kingdom into the Valuan Empire thanks to divine intervention on the part of Bahamut.

In recognition of its long and successful history as an independent state, Barduria was not officially made into a province of Valua, and it is not ruled by a Valuan Count. Rather, Barduria is technically a “Divine Protectorate” of the Empire (although it is treated as a province in all practical respects) and is ruled by the King of Barduria. Asides from the scutage required as a vassal of the Emperor, Barduria is self-governing, and a significant portion of Valuan law does not apply within its borders.

Barduria uses an agnatic system of primogeniture similar to Valua, but the King is not a hereditary position. Monarchs rule for life but are elected following the death of a previous monarch by the eight Elector-Princes, who represent the eight most powerful dynasties in Barduria. To prevent any one dynasty from growing too strong, Bardurian elective law stipulates that a King cannot be elected from the same bloodline as his immediate predecessor. Thus a king’s son can only become king if another family occupies the throne first. The most prestigious dynasty of Barduria, House Orzaakois, has sat on the throne for about 40% of Barduria’s history.

The seat of the kingdom is the city of Amorium, while the largest city by population, and Barduria’s administrative capitol, is Dyrrachium.

The terrain is hilly forest and scrubby plains.


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