The Bediyat are a nomadic race of humans who dwell in the Gorzai Desert. Like the Utaybat who are descended from them, the Bediyat worship Pelor as their primary deity. Bediyat religion also recognizes ancestral spirits as objects of worship, as well as spirits and other supernatural entities that inhabit the desert. Because they do not worship Pelor exclusively, Utaybat refer to Bediyat as fasiq, or corrupt.

Bediyat view Utaybat as distant cousins who have abandoned the proper path in favor of the trappings of civilization. Bediyat regard the single-minded adoration of Pelor as a hindrance to true enlightenment, and view the Utaybat dismissal of the traditional Bediyat culture as a grievous slight. Besides simmering hostility with the Utaybat, tribal feuds passed down for generations result in frequent (though generally inconsequential) infighting.

The Bediyat are slightly more tolerant of Valua than the Utaybat, though in general they want nothing to do with either. They are known in the Empire primarily for their swift and spirited horses.

From the Bediyat legedry:

Pelor wished to grant the hero Benu al-Habb a gift worthy of his greatness, and so he descended into the deserts, and bound a great whirl-wind into the form of a beast, the first horse. This creature he presented to Benu al-Habb, who was much amazed by it. He went to it and tamed it, saying: “To thy forlock I bind victory in battle, and on thy back I shall set the glory of nations. You are flight without wings, so I name thee Drinker of the Wind.” This is why the wealth of a tribe is its horses.


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