“Before the Valuans came, we were benighted, shackled to the past by caste and custom. If only they had stayed to guide us for just a bit longer, we could now be truly great.”

-Mausori, Valuan sympathizer

Braydon was once known as Angphur, a large city in the southern half of Darjii. When the south Darjii became citizens of the Valuan Empire, it was declared the capital of South Laun and given a Valuan name, Braydon. The name remains even after the Valuans have relinquished control of the region. The city and surrounding country is an interesting mix of Valuan and Darjii culture. The bloodshed of the civil war is still fresh in the minds of many Darjii in both North and South Laun, and tensions are rising as accusations and recriminations resulting from the war fly back and forth.

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