Carnfax is a province in western Valua. It is bordered by Barduria to the north, and by the Gulf of Harask to the south and east.

Carnfax’s terrain is comprised of cold plains and foothills. On the shores of the Gulf there are several seaports that do regular trade with Avandras, Ouroban, and the Bairiu Peninsula.

Carnfax’s history begins with the Vampire Thane, Gardurithrax, who created a necromantic empire in the territory that would become Carnfax. Even after the defeat of the Thane by Valua and the formation of Carnfax, remnants of the undead horde lingered for hundreds of years, and elements of it may still lurk in the lonely places of the province. Even without the remnants of Gardurithrax’s army, undead seem to plague Carnfax with unusual regularity. Mages and priests alike are unable to explain the affinity of the undead for Carnfax, but most agree that the land is somehow suffused with negative energy—-too little to do tangible harm to living things, but enough to make the return of the dead more likely than in other parts of the Empire. Necromancers flock to Carnfax hoping to tap into whatever force empowers the undead there, and there are several schools of necromancy that are given guarded but genuine acclaim for their contributions to that magical specialty (at least, the legitimate schools are praised. Several institutions are secret and reviled by the common folk). In a way, Carnfax’s corruption is self-perpetuating; as more undead and necromancers fill the land with more negative energy, they attract more of their kind.

Because of the prevalence of undead in Carnfax, clerics and paladins are highly valued by rulers and commoners alike in the province. Carnfax has had a history of religious fanaticism throughout its existence as a reaction (in some cases justified, in some cases not) to the dangers present.

The capitol city of Carnfax is known as Mordanium.


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