Clans of Ontentzu

Sun Clan
Family name: Yamato
Emperor: Yamato Shoudou
Shogun: Katashi Pakusetsu
Domains: The Sun Palace and environs
Role: Hereditary Emperor and the Emperor’s extended family
Fighting Style: Imperial Guard. Protecting others, traditonally using the naginata or other polearms

River Clan
Family Name: Kawa
Daimyo: Kawa Ginzutatu
Domains: Central Ontentzu and the rivers
Role: Merchants, stewards of the rivers and canals
Fighting: Rolling, dodging ship fighting technique that emphasizes mobility (climbing rigging and sails, jumping) and erratic dodging defense, inspired by the rolling of a ship at sea and also by drunken boxing techniques developed by drunken sailors

Crane Clan
Family name: Tsuru
Daimyo: Tsuru Bakyaika
Domains: Northwest Ontentzu
Role: Diplomats among the clans, advisors to the Emperor, keepers of official decorum, visual arts.
Fighting Style: Iaijutsu, the art of drawing a weapon and striking in a single, controlled and fluid motion. In addition to the martial art of iaijutsu the Crane also practice iaido, a non-combative style focused on slow and elegant katas performed with a sword.

Storm Clan
Family name: Arashi
Daimyo: Arashi Kadagetsu
Domains: East central Ontentzu, between the rivers
Role: Keepers of magic, knowledge, and secrets. Most mysterious of the clans, they were the first to master the art of the Void Disciple school of shugenja.
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu. Striking with swift, overwhelming force, emphasizing stealth and magic use.

Lion Clan
Family Name: Kishi
Daimyo: Kishi Shinshen
Domains: West central Ontentzu
Role: Military clan, reknowned for its courageous and loyal samurai
Fighting Style: Kanabo-jutsu, uses the spiked greatclub (kanabo) and emphasizes ferocity, passion, and fearless head-on assault. The massive two-handed kanabo used by Lion samurai are so heavy that they are extremely deadly when they hit but leave their wielder off-balance should they miss. Therefore the Lion style emphasizes endurance and heavy armor to withstand an enemy’s blows should the first strike miss, and also emphasizes devastaing charge techniques so that the first hit will be lethal.

Kirin Clan
Family name: Kirin
Daimyo: Kirin Uuiguz
Domains: Southern Ontentzu
Role: Horse breeders and master horseback riders
Fighting Style: Mounted Archery

Dragon Clan
Family name: Tatsu
Daimyo: Tatsu Onagaiman
Domains: Northeast Ontentzu
Role: Bureaucracy, Imperial tax collection, the literary arts
Fighting Style: Wei-Wu-Wei, or “effortless effort,” a style that emphasizes oneness with the Void and knowing exactly when to act and when to stay one’s hand (see Magic and Religion in Ontentzu). In fights the style emphasizes caution, precision, and countering an enemy’s attack/using an enemies’ attack as an opportunity. Mastering its ultimate technique, the Karmic Strike or the act of striking an enemy at the same instant he strikes you, is said to allow warriors to slay even the mightiest of foes, but only at the cost of their own lives.

Clans of Ontentzu

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