Corellon Larethean

“By blade and spell, song and bowstring, let the name of the Creator be praised forevermore.”

-Hierophant Jorelloth Qal’Namuud

Corellon Larethean, also spelled Larethian or simply Corellon, is the Chaotic Good god of elves, especially eladrin (high elves), magic, and culture. He is worshiped primarily by eladrin of all professions, and occasionally by members of other races, especially bards and mages.

Corellon’s appearance is that of an androgynous elf with wispy, indistinct features and a halo of light around his brow. He wields a rapier and a composite longbow with equally deadly skill.

Legends say that Corellon created the race of elves by calling on the primal magic of the wilderness. He imbued his creations with grace, wisdom and curiosity, and watched as they developed in the seclusion of the deep woods. Soon, however, the elves showed mastery of arcane magic, and tension developed in the nascent elven society as each elf chose whether to pursue the perfection of the Craft or grow closer to the natural world. Eventually, the magic-using elves made a great exodus, becoming the eladrin that we know today. Those who stayed behind in the wild became the wood elves of the Mistveil.

Although untold centuries have past since this schism, Corellon still regards the wood elves as his children and as equal creations to the high elves. The wood elves have proved less than receptive to the conciliatory attitude taken by their kin since they were rediscovered during the exploration of the North, having drifted towards the worship of nature deities such as Melora and Sehanine.

When the world was young, Corellon battled the cruel and destructive orc god Gruumsh, defeating the hulking brute and putting out his left eye. Since then, Gruumsh and the orcs have held an eternal grudge against elvenkind, and elves have warred against orcs in turn to finish what their god started. Since the fall of Duum Barash more than twelve centuries ago, orcs have been without a centralized society and have been reduced to wandering barbaric tribes—-some call this a victory, but Corellon and the elves know that the orcs are as much of a menace, if not more of one, when spread out and free to pursue their ruinous fancy.

Because of their shared portfolio of arcane magic, Corellon enjoys good relations with Ioun. While Ioun values knowledge for its own sake, Corellon teaches that knowledge should be put to practical use whenever possible.

Corellon directs the eladrin race thus:

Protect and uphold the dignity of the elven race. Stay vigilant against the encroachment of evil and the predations of savage races, especially orcs.

Cherish the arts. Music, painting, sculpture—-any creative expression celebrates mortal ingenuity and passion. Strive to bring beauty into the world.

Even if you have been endowed with a lifespan of centuries, live each day to the absolute fullest and never hesitate to chase your dreams.

In 3.5 DnD, Corellon’s domains are Chaos, Good, Creation, and Magic.

Corellon Larethean

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