Darius Vengeant

Darius II Vengeant is the fourteenth of the Vengeant line of lords, once minor nobles in the Valuan territory of Innstatten some 300 years ago, and currently the ruler of the Vengeant Demesne, a pocket demiplane adrift in Astral Sea. He is an elder human male, about six feet tall, with shoulder-length white hair and a trimmed beard. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye and dresses in red velvet regalia.

300 years ago, Julius Vengeant I attempted to enact a ritual described in the tome On the Ways of the Seven which would grant him incredible power. Although not the same ritual attempted by Adrian, the ceremony nonetheless required Julius to sacrifice everything he held dear. As the ancestral home of the Vengeant line and all of Julius’ worldly possessions burned around him, he plunged a ceremonial dagger into the heart of his wife Caroline and completed all but the final step of the ritual: the sacrifice of his infant son Ernst. But Julius could not bring himself to sacrifice the only heir to his family line, and begged his friend and mentor Hessian Vorudammos, an eladrin archmage and planar explorer, safeguard the child from the evil he had unleashed by any means necessary. As Julius stood alone in the inferno of his ancestral home, choosing to burn to death rather than live with the enormity of his actions, the mage planeshifted himself and the infant Ernst to the Astral Sea. The Vengeant household came to an abrupt end on the Material Plane, and the ruins of the Vengeant estate went down in local folklore as a haunted, forbidden place. The Vengeant name gradually faded from memory among all but the most knowledgeable scholars.

Meanwhile, adrift in the endless astral expanse with the squalling infant, Vorudammos began the greatest endeavor of his magical career: the creation of an entire new plane. With an intense effort of will, he manipulated vast areas of astral space to form a chunk of solid mass out of the scarce detritus in the surrounding space. The landmass grew and eventually pinched itself off from the Astral Sea, becoming a separate plane with its own atmosphere and stable directional gravity. Ernst grew to maturity under the tutelage of the archmage. Vorudammos, his energy greatly diminished by the act of planar genesis he had precipitated, gave a final gift to the Vengeants by creating a portal that could be attuned to various places on the Material Plane, drawing his final breath moments after completing the attunement process.

Ernst dedicated himself to protecting, researching, and trying to understand the unholy tome that had brought about his family’s ruin: On the Ways of the Seven, recruiting extraordinary and trustworthy individuals to serve the house and continue their mission.

Using the portal set by his mentor to interact with the Material Plane from the safety of his realm, Ernst claimed the bride that had been arranged for him at his birth, Katarina of Arlienna. He begat several children and the Vengeant line continued in secret for three centuries. His legacy of vanguarding the return of the Seven was assumed by his son, Theowyn, and turned into an inheritance passed on to each generation.

When Darius, five generations removed from the fall of the house of Vengeant, learned of the events that transpired in Falconcrest and the ritual used by Adrian, he sent his spymasters Iika and Phthaesis to aid the survivor of the ritual, Solovey.

Besides his spymasters, Darius is served by several courtiers and a personal guard of knights known as the Lion Guard. His Marshal, Adalbert, is a human male of a noble house of Graymont whose family enjoyed an ancient friendship with the Vengeants. His steward and personal mage is Waldemar Callade, an eladrin, and his wife Konstanze serves as his chancellor. He has pledged his complete support to the party in their quest to defeat Adrian and prevent the return of The Seven.

Darius Vengeant

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