“Muse of Cities, Mother of Empires. We lay supplication to you with each capstone placed and each rebellion quashed.”

-Litanies of Erathis, canticle II, verse IX, line XXVI

Erathis is the Lawful Neutral goddess of civilization, empire, architecture and order. From its beginnings as a humble order of paladins, the Cult of Erathis grew to become one of the foundations of the Valuan Empire. She is the second-most widely worshiped deity in the Empire after Avandra and the unofficial god of humankind. Her blessed city, Erathir, is a marvel of engineering and the second capital of the Empire.

Her sacred text, the Litanies of Erathis, is a meticulously structured poem written in terza rima.

Erathis’ favored form is that of a human woman with shining eyes and flowing golden hair, clad in gleaming plate armor. She carries a scale, representing law and justice, and a longsword, representing the force of arms that must be employed to keep the peace.

Erathis maintains a complex code of laws and commandments that form the basis of Imperial law, but her directives can be summarized thus:

Rulers should lead with a firm but benevolent hand. It is the Empire’s duty to uphold law and order and protect the weak from the predations of crime and anarchy. Do not slip too deeply into the blind zealotry of absolute good nor the destabilizing corruption of absolute evil.

Bring the light of civilization into the darkness of the wilds. If the touch of civilization brings order out of chaos, it is your right and duty to provide it.

Each act of creation is imbued with a fraction of Erathis’ holy power. Look to her to inspire new creations to help maintain peace and prosperity. Build roads, build cities, build nations: there is no perfection wrought solely by mortal hands, so never stop improving and expanding what you have created.

In 3.5 DnD, Erathis’ domains are Law, Protection, War, and Community.


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