“Gor grath, Gruumsh!” (For [the] Glory [of] Gruumsh)

-Orcish battle prayer

Gruumsh takes the form of a massive orc, with a gash across his face and an empty eye socket. His weapon is the greataxe. His symbol is a stone carved like an eye. He encourages his followers to make war, take by force, and subjugate the weak. He is a god of war, violence, and destruction. Orcs are his primary followers, along with some goblinkin and barbaric tribes and evil warriors. He lost his left eye in a great battle against Corellon Larethean. The most dedicated clerics of Gruumsh put out their right eyes, symbolicly giving it to Gruumsh. Orcs have also been known to sacrifice the eyes of slaves to their god.

The Saga of Gruumsh is similar to the history of the Orcs. He was once one of the most powerful gods, and he warred often with the other gods. As the ages passed his power waned with the rise of newer gods. He did not handle the decline well, getting more and more aggressive in his desperation. The battle with Corellon and the loss of his eye correlates with the greatest battle in the history of Orcs and Elves, and marks the end of their time as a major power.
Gruumsh and the Orcs as a race have since become more reclusive, living on the fringes of the more powerful empires. They are beaten and harboring a furious grudge because of it.

His commandments are thus:
Might makes right
Meet your opponents head-on
Conquer that which once belonged to the Orcs (i.e. everything)


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