Inebriants of the World

Vineyards are present in almost every county, but Forgvard, Elemenia, and Arlienna are particularly noted for their production of wine.
Production ranges from common table wine, to fine wines that can cost upwards of 20 gold a bottle.
Tennuvia whiskey
Forgvard Whiskey

In Ontentzu, the most common alcoholic beverage is sake, brewed from a polished rice and specific variety of mold.
Plum wine

Ferryman’s Weed is a plant native to most of Valua and the Northlands, and grows well in moist soil along a riverbank. Its use and cultivation was pioneered by halfling riverboat traders, hence its common name. When sun-dried, crushed and smoked by pipe, the weed produces a pleasant sensation of mellowness and relaxation. It is popular with the working classes for stress relief. Priests of Sehanine, especially wood elves, use the plant as part of certain rituals.

The juice of the pods of the Darjii poppy plant can be prepared into a smokable mixture, which is known by the Darjii name aratpa-pal. Its consumption induces dream-filled sleep, filled with strange visions. Some Darjii priests use it to commune with the gods, and it is popular among shamans and yogi as part of their rituals.

The flower of the black lotus, one of the many kinds of lotus that grows in dark swamps, can be distilled into a poison of surpassing deadliness, but if consumed raw, it induces delirious waking visions for a period of about a day. It, like the Darjii poppy, is highly addictive with repeated use. So-called “lotus eaters” quickly lose touch with reality and cannot distinguish their fevered delusions from the real world.

Inebriants of the World

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