Irem Tanos

A local minor noble, resident of Falconcrest, and secret benefactor of Adrian.

It is unknown whether Tanos was responsible for leading Adrian down the path of worship of the Seven, or whether Tanos was caught up in the same dark fervor that consumed Adrian himself. In any case, when the party finally uncovered the link between the cult of the Seven and Tanos’ holdings in Falconcrest, he was a covert, but utterly devout, member of the cult. He was better able to articulate the goals and nature of the Seven than any cult member the party had previously encountered.

After being provided with a distraction by their mysterious allies Iika and Phthaesis, the party infiltrated Tanos’ cliffside residence in Falconcrest. After a pitched battle with the surprisingly deft noble, he was rendered unconscious after a plunge off his balcony and abducted by the party. Interrogated in a hidden location by Content Not Found: oraciusbrunson_ and _Content Not Found: solovey, Tanos proved to be practically brainwashed by the cult—-to the extent that he was unafraid of death or even the most gruesome torture a Falconcrest thug and skilled mage could concoct.

Repeatedly informing the party of the futility of attempting to stop the events that had been set in motion, Tanos calmly discussed what they were up against: a vast conspiracy of worshipers of the Seven, all of whom obeyed the will of Adrian, the Prodigal. He informed them that he had been the one to provide the money that Adrian, who was not of noble birth, used to pursue his studies at Falconcrest. Furthermore, he knew of what had transpired during the ritual, and that Solovey’s brand upon his face marked him for death. He assured the party that the ritual was uncompleted but not invalidated by Solovey’s survial; that upon his death and the death of another, the ritual would be complete and the apocalypse would begin in earnest.

However, Tanos admitted that there was one possibility of salvation: with the ritual only half-completed, Adrian remained a mortal being, merely an “invincible warlord” rather than god made manifest. Solovey and the rest were convinced that only by finding and killing Adrian before he could do the same to them could they save the world. Tanos, with no fear of death, offered only a final, spiteful portent when Oracius thrust a dagger through his heart:

“You are damned, Solovey of Alkonost…and when the earth trembles and the world of men burns, you will face your doom—-a death without end…”

Months later, Irem Tanos again attacked the party, ambushing them in the Mistveil forests, much changed since his first defeat. His tunic stained with a torrent of long-dried blood and with the jagged gash that ended his life still glistening, and with every bone and limb broken and mangled from his plunge off the side of Falconhead Ridge, he attacked with disgusting agility and speed born of unnatural necrotic animation. He had become a revenant, a powerful undead animated to slavishly fulfill a single ordered goal. Through his mangled windpipe he wheezed hatefully that he must slay Maryn, but that Solovey would immediately follow: “I shall serve my master AND my God this day!” he swore. The party was spared his wrath by a mysterious force that pulled them into the Feywild.

Upon their return to the Prime, the party was, as they had been when they left, under attack by the deranged undead noble. He swore that he would take his vengeance against Maryn, Solovey, and Ama in turn: “At first I thought this necromantic slavery was a wretched fate. But it is a second chance! I’ll gut the Elf and send Solovey to his Masters! And then Ama…They’ll all pay!”

Irem Tanos

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