Laun Valley

The inhabitants of the Laun Valley were once united in one kingdom called Darjii. After the civil war, Darjii has become two distinct nations. However, the inhabitants largely share the same characteristics between the two nations.

Laun Valley humans (91%) are generally tall and dark-skinned. A small percentage (17%) of humans in the Laun Valley are of Valuan descent, most of them residing in South Laun as remnants of Imperial domination. In North Laun or Darjii (the North Launers consider themselves to still be Darjii, and exclude southerners and foreigners as being part of that nation), humans are divided into a rigid system of castes. In ascending order of social standing, the castes are dalit (“untouchables,” the poor, vagrants, or those who perform degrading tasks), shudras (agricultural laborers), vaishyas (merchants, traders, craftsmen), kshatriyas (soldiers, warriors, and political leaders) and brahmins (teachers, mages, and priests).

Tieflings (4%) are also present in the Laun Valley. The discovery of tieflings in the Northlands provided valuable insight for the Valuan-based Order of the Shrouded Sun, giving them hope that the source of the event that created the first tiefling may have been recorded in the history of the Northlands. Investigation continues to this day.

5% of the population of the Laun Valley is miscellaneous other races.

Laun Valley

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