The Mistveil is a massive temperate rain forest stretching from the foot of Falconhead Ridge northwards into the Laun valley. It was named by early Valuan explorers for the thick fog that frequently wreaths the canopy.

After the Laun River falls over the cliff at the Falls of Aldmach, down a thousand feet to the jungle floor, it continues through the Mistveil to the Laun Valley. The Mistveil is a dangerous place, full of hostile flora and fauna as well as hostile tribes. There are rumors of strange ruins located in the jungles, as well as fantastical tales of unusual beasts and lost magics.

Wood elves (70%), also called gray elves, sylvan elves or quel’darin, are native to Mistveil. They are similar in appearance to the high elves or eladrin of Valua but have a more rugged, feral appearance, with darker skin, coarser hair, and extremely long ears (up to a foot in length). They tend to dwell in small cities built into the trees of the jungle, and subsist on hunting and gathering the bountiful natural resources of the jungle. Their society consists of a loosely connected group of tribes, each lead by a matriarch who is typically a shaman or spellcaster. The leaders of the tribes regularly convene to a special city, Kirimtar, located somewhere deep in the Mistveil jungles, the precise location being a closely-guarded secret. In Kirimtar the tribal leaders convene for a council to resolve issues that impact the race as a whole. Wood elves tend to live deep in the jungle, away from the Laun. The relationship between high elves and wood elves is obvious, but what is not certain is how and why the two races came to occupy such different positions. It is said that in the distant past, perhaps even before the dawn of humanity, the elves were one unified race, but each elf had conflicting impulses toward magic and nature. Those who embraced the study of magic to the exclusion of communion with the natural world became high elves, and those who gave up the study of the arcane to live in the wild became wood elves. Wood elves and humans can produce half-elven offspring, which have the same characteristics as Valuan half-elves except for minor cosmetic differences. However, wood elf and human unions are rare.

Lizardfolk (30%) are the other dominant race of Mistveil, and they are ancient rivals of the elves. Lizardfolk are aquatic, and live mainly along the mangrove-choked shores of the Laun River. Like the gnolls of the Sehrgan Highlands, they are predatory and uncivilized. They attack both wood elf patrols and human traders using the Laun.


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