“The Soulforger had hewn the greatest statue ever wrought, with eyes of glittering gems and hair and beard of shining crystal. Upon its brow he set his rune, and into the golem breathed life: thus the first dwarf was born.”

-The Bell of Mysteries, at Karkorred

Moradin is the Lawful Good god of dwarves, wealth, and craftsmanship (especially forging). He has many titles, including Soulforger ( Gastseppa ), All-Father ( Ælcicend ), Dwarflord ( Dweorguma ), and Unbending or Immortal Smith ( Seppan Il-Marinen ). It is said that he carved the first dwarves from stone and imbued them with the spark of life. He holds dominion over all dwarvenkind and is the greatest smithy in the cosmos. Together with his friend and fellow god Kord he perfected the art of rune-magic and gave it to his children. He is also seen as the lord of all subterranean wealth, and miners pray to him to reveal rich seams of gems and precious metals. Nearly every dwarf reveres Moradin above all other gods, and many non-dwarves worship him as well. Smiths and craftsmen of all stripes look to him for inspiration.

Moradin is depicted as a dwarf with glowing gemstones for eyes and a crystalline beard. He shines with divine light and is never without his mighty warhammer, which he uses for war and smithing in equal measure.

Moradin is best known to the citizens of Valua for his appearances in The Epic of Marduk, in which he aids the then-mortal Kord (called Marduk) in forging the epic sword of dragonslaying Kelmar. Due to his friendship with Kord, Moradin regards Bahamut as a respected equal and has united with him in the past, typically to battle the orc god Gruumsh. Moradin considers his fellow creator-deity Corellon Larethean a friendly rival. While an elf and a dwarf will never fail to try and one-up each other with deeds of bravery and skill, in times of need both gods exhort their followers to work together in harmony.

Moradin’s many laws guide and govern the dwarven race. His priests sermonize thus:

Place your clan and dwarvenkind above all else. Honor your ancestors with great deeds and protect your home from the horrors of the Underdark.

Respect the deep earth, and its wealth and secrets will be revealed to you. But delve too greedily or destructively, and Moradin’s wrath will strike you down.

Be just to all of Moradin’s children and be brave against his enemies. Let valor be your shield and conviction your fortress.

In 3.5 DnD, Moradin’s domains are Law, Good, Earth, and Artifice.


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