Located not far from the Cairn of Remembrance where Gardurithrax made his last stand, Mordanium is a dour city of dark stone, littered with somber monuments to the grim history of the province and the heroes who laid down their lives to combat the undead scourge.

Perhaps its most famous monument is the Ossuary of the Damned. Beneath a massive cathedral of Erathis-Avandra is a huge vault containing artistically-arranged bones and skulls collected from the fallen members of Gardurithrax’s nightmare horde, ranging from the massive skull of a hideous necrotic giant to the tiny bones that once made up skeletal kobolds. The Ossuary is dedicated to preserving the memory of the terrors that once lurked in Carnfax and to remind the world of the tragic mistakes that must never be repeated, as well as inviting visitors to reflect on the impermanence of life and the grave to which we must all go alone.

On the capstone of the archway leading to the Ossuary are graven these words in the Draconic tongue:

As you are, so once were we.
As we are, so ye shall be.


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