On the Ways of the Seven

This mysterious tome was recovered by Solovey Alkonost prior to the start of the adventure in a forbidden vault at the Starfell Academy. It is bound and sealed with arcane runes, and only by Solovey’s magical ingenuity was he able to unseal it. The tome is written in a mysterious language that Solovey has spent months slowly deciphering. Recently, Solovey has discovered that he can use the sinister tome as an implement in casting his spells. What effect it may have on his spellcasting remains to be seen.

The full title of the book as given on the first page is, “A compendium on the most ancient and terrible Ways of the Seven that are One, their dark wisdom and unearthly secrets laid bare”.

Passages translated from the tome follow below:

Opening passage: “Know you that layeth eyes upon this tome, that in a time before light and order on the world, and before the pretender gods that move in the vast aether, the world still burned hot and churned with unknown power. No man trod upon the ground, no bird could take wing in the roiling skies, no living thing could withstand the perfect chaos of the inchoate, protean Ones that ruled this sphere. They that reveled in the chaos and nightmare, They who were lords of chaos and lived in discordant majesty before the stars were arranged in the heavens and the earth was yet untrammeled. Herein is layed out for all with eyes to see Their mystical secrets, Their rites and Their signs, and the secret history of the true masters of the earth.”

“Dear to the Seven are the signs of the stars, and their turnings and parambulations, for it was from the stars, and beyond, that the Seven came, a million of millions of years before the pestilence of life infected Their perfect world. Through the study of the night skies can the secrets of the Seven be made clear, for the stars and constellations are Their cipher, to sow Their dreams among the dreamers of the earth, and with the key to this cipher can many strange things become known. Stare into the stars, and between them, for that way lies madness, and madness is Their gift."

“…where they tread the earth shivers. Yet, lo, oft subtle and cryptic is the reckoning of the Seven, that are One. For was not Thoth on his throne by an evil wind brought low, even unto death? And the books of his virtues were passed to the children of Thoth-Amon, by the inscrutable subterfuge of the Seven that are Chained, that those children in their ignorance did rattle the tombs of the Seven with their sins? For they delight in the spilling of blood, in the death of the innocent. Each crime a sermon in Their names, each droplet a sacrament—-for thus was it not graven upon the stones of Ummon’Khai, where last the earth did quake with Their footsteps?”

“…before the first stones of Ulyoloth were quarried from the jungles of Zantum, before the towers of Aghartha rose glittering, when men and beasts bred together and begat monsters and daemon hatchlings that dwelt in lonely places, lived the mage-priest Buzrael in his keep on the river Chrho. For a time he worshiped the malformed and primitive gods of his race, and wove his magicks with their benighted blessings, before he came upon the grave-palace of Ummon’Khai in the valley of Gor. With his entourage he entered the outskirts of the necropolis, and his followers went mad at the sight of the great pillar-tombs whose angles and geometries betrayed their rational minds. But Buzrael had hollowed out his soul, and bereft of worldly restraint he dared to grasp at the inscrutable lines of the stones of the great ziggurat, and entered through the door that seemed to bore through his mind and through reality into the otherworld. There in the council of the Seven and Their Prodigal he learned of Their ways, and was bestowed Their blessing with fire and blood. Dying, the Prodigal subsumed Buzrael and crafted for him a ward of bone that would hold his life, wherefore he would live forever even when brought low by sword and spell. Together they shed their flesh and became for an instant one with the vast consciousness of the Seven. They saw forever in that instant, and as the Prodigal that had come before sputtered and died like an ember Buzrael engulfed him and was reborn in his cage of flesh, his mind branded with the knowledge of the Seven and his flesh with Their sigil. So for an aeon before the dawn of man the Prodigal Buzrael, the Undying, held council with the minds of the Seven and worked Their will upon the earth. At his touch, men bowed. At his word, cities burned.”

The “Seven Sacraments” :

“In the pillar-tombs of Ummon’Kai, where each graven cairn is marked with a thousand unspeakable sigils and words of dire cryptic power, there lies a slab of one of the massive grave-towers that has splintered. Of no earthly stone wrought, by no human hand chiseled, lying in the tomb-city fallen from its totem, on the shard is carved these words, writ in the secret tongue of the Seven:

The Seven in Their tombs crave strange and dark sacraments.
Bring forth the sacrifices and shake their coffins.
From Purity bring forth Corruption,
against Truth wield Deception,
on Peace rain down Bloodshed,
obscure Light with Darkness.
Draw down the cosmic energy by high Arcanum,

Offer and forsake your greatest Love.
By these sacraments, transmute the flesh of the Prodigal.

This text is proof indeed of the nature of the Seven, for it is indubitably true that They delight in destruction, chaos, and sin. But there is a final verse to this song of damnation, hidden from first glance by the sands of Gor. Dug from its encasement, these words, which no man but he who penned this tome have seen, appear:

Blood for Blood, Flesh for Flesh.
By this Rite, call down the God Hands.

Let the wise read from this, and from the previous, the true message of the runes."

On the Ways of the Seven

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