“Blood for the Death God! Skulls for his Wand!”

-Battlecry of Orcus fanatics

Not a god, but a supremely powerful demon prince, Orcus is the Chaotic Evil lord of undeath. His followers, those who can cling to their tenuous hold on sanity, organize themselves into loose bands headed by whoever they fear to disobey most. These bands commit all manner of atrocities in Orcus’ name, focusing specifically on the slaughter and necromantic rebirth of the innocent. In Orcus’ eyes, death is the ultimate equalizer, and undeath the ultimate state of enslavement: he who is master of death has nothing to fear, and he must crush the weak and reshape their cold, useless meat as he sees fit.

Orcus’ emblem is his Wand, a legendary artifact of staggering unholy power that is said to strike dead all it touches. Only once in the history of the Abyss has any but Orcus wielded this Wand, and Orcus’ vengeance against the usurper was horrific beyond description. The usurper, a treacherous lieutenant, actually succeeded in slaying Orcus, but he was reborn thanks to a ritual enacted by his most powerful worshipers on the Material Plane, and re-assumed his rule as the Demon Prince of the Dead, all the more powerful from his own personal experience with death.

Worship of Orcus is common anywhere life is cheap and death constantly at hand. Followers of Orcus are prominent among savage races such as orcs, goblins and gnolls, although such devotees are feared and hated even among their own kind.

No one is certain whether priests of Orcus truly channel divine power in the way that a cleric of a true god does. Regardless of Orcus’ status as a deity and the nature of his cultists’ magic, woe betide those who fall victim to Orcus’ hexes.


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