Phthaesis (pronounced “TAY-sis”) is the brother of Iika and, with her, serves as an agent of Lord Darius Vengeant.

Little is known about him, since he has met with the party only once and has yet to speak. Like his sister, he is a humanoid of indeterminate race dressed in dark vestments, as well as a supernatural cloak of shadows that hides his appearance. The only defining characteristics one can detect are his gender and the fact that he seems to be blind—-he wears a black cloth blindfold over his eyes. However, all indications suggest that he moves as gracefully, if not moreso, than one sighted.

When the party made contact with Darius Vengeant, and through his continued partnership, more about Phthaesis was revealed. He and his sister are shadar-kai, members of a race doomed to be metaphysically siphoned away to the Plane of Shadow. Shadar-kai are able to exist on the Material World, and in other realms, thanks to agonizing bracers worn on the wrists, which puncture the shadar-kai’s skin. The constant pain anchors their will to their body. Shadar-kai seek the emotional, adrenal rush of combat, pain, and danger, the fleeting feelings it brings helping them keep their minds free from the poisonous numbness calling to them from the Shadowfell.

Shadar-kai thrive in the Underdark, but naturally must fight savage, murderous wars against the great houses of the drow, as well as fending off dwarves, ilithids, beholders, and the other manifold horrors of that place. Iika as well as Phthaesis were victims of the drow’s mastery of intrigue—-due to an ancient grudge, their whole clan was wiped out in a single night of deliberately gruesome assassinations, and they only escaped death thanks to Vengeant’s intervention.

Phthaesis’ blindness is self-inflicted: after many years of study beginning as a child, he achieved the first of the secrets of the art of the Twilight Eye, a style of psionic talent that robs a supplicant of his mundane sight, but grants him the ability to see the flow of magic in the physical world. Not only can he sense magical auras at all times, including the auras of living things, undischarged spells, and magical leylines, he can interact with the strands of magic used to weave spells, dissipating, absorbing, or redirecting the magical energies at his will. Darius Vengeant helped develop his talent by employing a master of the discipline, the teifling Rabinadrathtagore, as his tutor. Extreme discipline and denial of bodily well-being characterizes the path of this art.


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