Raven Queen

“You may beg her for mercy, but she has no ears for your pleas. You may hide in the grandest tower and cloak yourself in the mightiest magics, but naught can stay her hand. She is Death, eternal and relentless, and when you teeter on the brink of oblivion, hers are the hands that will send you to your doom.”

-Found scrawled on the wall of a cell in the Mordanium Home for the Mentally Disturbed

The dark goddess known only as the Raven Queen is the Neutral queen of the dead. Very few worship her above all other gods, but she is called upon at every funeral and in times of plague and disaster by tearful mortals desperate to escape from the cold and amoral clutch of the grave. The raven is her symbol, a bird of dark auspice that congregates at the bodies of the dead. It is said that the ravens gather at carrion sites to try and snatch up the departing souls of the dead and bear them to their master.

When a mortal being dies, he finds himself in the court of the Raven Queen, and he is judged by her to determine the ultimate fate of his immortal soul. Under her icy gaze, the soul is compelled to confess all his deeds in life, good and ill, with absolute and unflinching honesty. The Raven Queen considers this information, and determines to which of the Planes the soul will be consigned. She sits at the fulcrum of the axes of Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos, and thus can judge all beings without bias. Following her judgment, the soul migrates through the cosmos to the plane that matches the mortal’s alignment in life, joining a heavenly host as a lowly celestial being, serving as a tormented plaything for demons or devils, or being absorbed into the realm of a god.

Shrines of the Raven Queen are found at cemeteries and mausoleums everywhere, but full-fledged temples are rare and found only in urban population centers. These temples serve as mortuaries and the priests of the Raven Queen are tasked with preparing bodies for funerals and keeping records of the dead. These priests, while respected for the services they provide, are generally individuals with an unhealthy fixation on death and a dour worldview, who are best avoided by polite society.

The Raven Queen teaches that undead are an abomination, an insult to her sovereignty over the dead and a prison for innocent souls who are prevented from receiving their proper judgment and reward.

In 3.5 DnD, the Raven Queen’s domains are Death, Darkness, and Repose.

Raven Queen

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