“The light of the moon can reveal more than the harsh glare of the sun, if you know where to look.”

-Jostiban, merrymaker

Sehanine is the Chaotic Neutral goddess of the moon and stars, nighttime, lycanthropy, and romance. She is half of the dualistic pair of nature goddesses alongside her sister Melora; as the moon influences the tides, so too are Melora and Sehanine inextricably bound. Sehanine is also called the Pale Lady, in reference to the pale light of the moon.

Sehanine is ascribed the form of a naked and beautiful yet exceedingly pale woman with white hair and completely black eyes. Many claim to see her dancing through the wilderness under the light of the full moon.

Lovers and poets worship Sehanine as a goddess of romance and passion. She is also the obvious patron of lycanthropes. Legend has it that Sehanine created the first were-beasts long ago as her soldiers in a long-forgotten war. After this war she gave them freedom, but they were forever cursed to change into their bestial forms during the full moon. Werewolves and their kindred pray to Sehanine to help them control their transformations and come to terms with the beast within.

Wood elves are among the most numerous of Sehanine’s worshipers, and elder priests of Sehanine are among the most respected in wood elf communities. In the lands of Valua, many small cults worship her furtively with midnight rituals; she is associated with witchcraft and her cultists are often feared and persecuted by common folk.

Sehanine enjoys good relations with Corellon Larethean due to their shared portfolio of nature and passion, but most other gods (and their followers) regard Sehanine as dangerously unpredictable.

Sehanine’s teachings are thus:

There is no shame beneath the light of the moon. Be free in all things and never revoke the freedom of others.

Do not fear the night nor the creatures that love it, for they are your brethren. Honor nature and its children, for it is they who are the most pure, bereft of the inhibitions and constraints of the civilized world.

Drink deeply of life and do not be afraid to let your emotions guide you.

In 3.5E DnD, Sehanine’s domains are Chaos, Animal, Darkness, and Trickery.


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