Sergha is a region of highlands and alpine terrain along the northern border of the Valuan Empire, including and beyond the Sergha Mountains. This area is mostly composed of wildlands and impassible mountain peaks.

The Serghan Highlands is the name given to the area located on the northern side of the Sergha Mountains, and was first discovered by the Valuan explorers. It is a large, flat savannah where the dominant features are gentle hills, yellow brush, and the occasional tree. There are many small lakes and springs that provide watering holes for local fauna; however, the only major river is the Laun, which flows down from the mountains.

Humans native to the Highlands (72% of the total population) are known as Highlanders. For generations, they lived in nomadic, pastoral groups, herding sheep and goats and hunting the native beasts, as well as gathering edible plants. They typically followed large herds of wild animals through the dry and rainy seasons, making temporary villages along the way. When the Valuans arrived in the 420s, the native Highlanders attempted to deal peacefully with the newcomers. Some tribes were subjugated with military force and promises of Valuan commerce and opportunity. Other tribes retreated deeper and deeper into the uncharted savannah. By the time of the collapse of Valuan rule in 622, there were two distinct Highlander societies: those who had been accustomed to city life and function along Valuan lines, and those who maintained their traditional nomadic way of life. Highlanders differ from Valuan humans physically; they tend to be shorter and lankier and they have darker skin and hair.

Highland halflings (21%), called kender, are physically similar to the hobbits of Valua, although they also have darker skin and hair. However, kender are native to the banks of the Laun river, and are considered the masters of river navigation and trading. For generations the kender have traded goods with Highlanders and each other via the lanes of the Laun. They live in small communities called clans, built on the banks of the Laun and generally consisting of one or two extended families. The kender were vital to the efforts of the Vaulan explorers, providing geographical information and guidance along the Laun. They were instrumental in the maintenance of Valuan commerce during the days of Imperial control.

Gnolls (6%) are monstrous humanoid creatures that roam the Highlands in vicious packs. Like wolves, they are predatory and dangerous, preying on shipments along the Laun, overland transports, towns, and rustling the cattle of the pastoral Highlanders. They have no organized society, with bands of individuals following a strong leader as they plunder and kill.

Kobolds (1%) were discovered to inhabit the vast network of caves that lie beneath Falconhead Ridge. They emerge on occasion through concealed entrances on the savannah to raid. They are weak, but tenacious and clever. They are considered a nuisance, and efforts to eliminate them have met with failure. Their underground burrows are nearly impossible to navigate and are always rigged with deadly traps.


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