Starfell Academy

A wizard’s school situated just outside the town of Falconcrest in the Northern Continent. It was founded by the Valuan Empire following a period of prosperity in Falconcrest, and now is considered by Valuans to be the best school of magic found in the North. Whether it is a better school than the native Imperial schools is a matter of debate. Currently, it is a “trendy” school, and an education there is considered by many to be more cutting-edge and valuable than the teachings of the stodgy Imperial Mage’s Council. That is one reason the young nobleman Content Not Found: solovey found himself there.

Starfell is a grand, ornate structure, clearly designed to impress the Imperial settlers of Falconcrest and the natives alike. It is constructed of an elegant combination of shining metal filigree and pinkish crystal. The structure of the Academy is a central spire of crystal and metal, surrounded by smaller rectangular structures connected by causeways and covered tunnels. The central spire, although clearly the most impressive feature, actually only contains the administrative offices and on-campus residences for some of the professors (others live in Falconcrest, typically in the Mage’s Row section of town near the school). The classrooms and dormitories are in the more pedestrian-looking outbuildings.

Every school and style of spellcasting is researched and taught here. Although it is typically referred to as a “wizard’s school,” Starfell quietly supports the endeavors of warlocks, provided they practice their craft safely and operate within the civic and magical laws outlined by the Empire. The notion that Starfell mages actively hold covenant with fiends and fey creatures does nothing to endear the school to the local town, but it is such a feared and respected institution that few pay the activities going on there much heed. Starfell affords excellent security and privacy. Magical wards guard the buildings, and while the campus is not policed by Falconcrest guards, it is protected by some of the most powerful mages in the world who take their privacy very seriously. Classes range from basic arcane theory and the practice of spellcraft to more specific subjects such as ward spells, the summoning of extraplanar entities, elemental manipulation, divination and scrying, and even discreet lessons on necromancy. Starfell is dependent on a mutual relationship with Falconcrest to obtain mundane supplies for students and staff. In exchange for basic goods and services, mages of Starfell typically assist the community with their various magical skills-from helping the guards track down criminals with scrying rituals to fighting off the frequent brush fires that are common during the dry season-in addition to spending the gold required in tuition. Moreover, it is conventional wisdom not to deny a Starfell mage his requests, for wizards are subtle and quick to anger.

Graduating the Academy is not based on time spent there, but rather on demonstrations of aptitude. Students enter the academy at the lowest rank, Tesserae (“Seekers”). When they pass an aptitude test (typically after about a year of schooling) they become Specti (“Observers”), then Auri (“Listeners”), and finally Mendicae (“Practitioners”). Once they have attained this highest student rank, they are considered graduates, although they may continue studying as students for as long as they can pay tuition. Students wear blue wizard robes, with trim indicating their status, the colors being (from lowest to highest)black, green, red, and gold. Content Not Found: solovey was a Mendica, while Adrian was an Auron.

Professors are grouped by their area of expertise, although overlap is common. Unlike with the student body, professors are theoretically meant to treat one another as equals (although arguing over whose magic is superior is a common pastime). Of course, all professors ultimately answer to the Rector, Falleos Masthar. Traditional professor robes are purple, with an insignia designating their area of expertise (for instance, a lidless eye for a master diviner, or a skull for a necromancer).

Starfell Academy

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