The Seven

Ancient, nigh-incomprehensible entities worshiped by a pervasive, murderous cult that has, at the very least, corrupted much of the city of Falconcrest.

Information about the being or beings known as “The Seven” is vanishingly scarce. So far the players have been able to gather only anecdotal and highly subjective accounts from deranged worshipers, most notably Gretta the Undercity resident, and the sinister Falconcrest nobleman Irem Tanos. Another source of somewhat dubious information is the grimoire borne by Solovey, entitled “On the Ways of the Seven.”

Under threat of torture (although not particularly moved), the nobleman Irem Tanos outlined the basic origin and agenda of the cult of the Seven: that in the primordial eons before history and the gods themselves, the Seven ruled the wild and malformed earth unchallenged, their inherent chaos and malice preventing the rise of the ordered world as we know it. From the protean chaos arose the gods of the mortal races, who in desperation sealed the Seven within the core of the hollow earth, binding them in metaphysical chains, imprisoning their flesh in titan obelisks and binding their spirits to their cyclopean tomb. Thus the mortal world of order and life was able to arise, as the Seven spent millennia in a state of living death at the center of the world. Even as they lay bound in their tomb, the Seven sent forth plagues and death by their fetid breath and malicious will, bringing low many great kings and heroes with their cryptic plagues. At the same time, they extended their vast consciousness to the mortal world, attempting to find fertile ground in the impressionable minds of the living. Throughout history, those who had been “blessed” with Their madness have worked to perfect the rituals and sacrifices required to loosen the chains that bind the Seven in their crypt.

The prophesized conditions for the return of the Seven, Tanos claimed, are imminent: In a season of social and political upheaval, a suitable vessel for the power of the Seven will find the will and desire to enact the ritual of the sacrificial brand, and willingly slay with demonic magic all those he holds dear in exchange for unfathomable power. If the ritual had been completed successfully, Tanos maintained, the Prodigal would wield truly unstoppable power, and would be able to call upon world-shaking cataclysms that would destroy the civilized world. Once the world had been purged and consumed with fire and plague, the earth would crack, the stars would fall from the sky, and the tomb of the Seven would be unsealed, and they would reign over a tumult of pandemonium as they had in eons past.

The Seven

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