Vecna is the Neutral Evil god of secrets, magic, and undeath. Like Kord, Vecna is allegedly a mortal ascended to godhood, but in Vecna’s case, undeath intervened between manhood and godhood. In life a powerful wizard who coveted all knowledge, he might have achieved many things had he not been betrayed by his apprentice, Kas. Kas severed Vecna’s left hand and put out his left eye, and although Kas was defeated, only through lichdom could Vecna continue to exist. The treachery implanted in Vecna’s soul a calculating hatred and lust for secret knowledge. How Vecna eventually became a god is a matter, appropriately, of great mystery and secrecy. Some say he blackmailed the gods themselves to grant them a spark of their power, others say he simply discovered the secret of divinity itself. In any case, Vecna now resides somewhere in the Multiverse, listening from afar to every secret his faithful wring from their victims and plunder from ancient places.

Some say that the survivors of one of Vecna’s schemes, the Corundus Heresy, fell from his grace and were supernaturally enslaved to him in punishment. These soulless warriors, known as Vecna’s Fallen, terrorized the land for many decades thereafter and were widely known to be the greatest assassins and thieves in the land. Some say that the Fallen walk the world to this day—-perhaps new generations of Vecna’s followers fill their ranks, or perhaps the same accursed warriors, damned to eternal servitude, still desperately seek Vecna’s forgiveness.

Vecna’s doctrines are thus:

To know a thing’s deepest secrets is to master it completely. Let nothing stop you from uncovering the ultimate mysteries of things labeled forbidden by cowardly minds.

A weak mind does not deserve to hold knowledge. Hoard your secrets well, and suffer no lesser mind to harbor secret plots against you.

One’s secrets should never be recorded on such irresponsible and treacherous things as books. The only way to truly safeguard one’s secrets is to take them to the grave, or beyond it.


Ways of the Seven DeadeyeDave