“If the Darjii nation is the crown on the head of the Northlands, Rajanapra is the ruby of that crown.”

-Hazar Vescon, Valuan nobleman

Rajanapra, “The Jewel of the North”, “The Splendid City”, is a major seaport located at the northern tip of the Darjii Empire, on the Laun Delta. To compensate for the swampy terrain the city is built on, the city rests on thousands of pylons driven into the soil years ago. The city is divided into twelve administrative districts ruled by three satraps.

The city is one of wealth and intrigue sharply contrasted by squalor and disorder. Although it is Darjii in origin, during the civil war it remained neutral and prospered. Now it is the final destination for many goods that are sent down the Laun River, making it a hub of commerce. People and goods from all over the known world find their way to Rajanapra, and the city is a gateway to exploration (and exploitation) of the islands beyond the Northlands.

Rajanapra’s vast array of exotic goods, and the vast fortunes of the merchants who control the city, presents an awe-inspiring front. However, Rajanapra is tarnished by corruption, a widening wealth gap, and political oppression.

The city is divided into a western residential district, an eastern district, and the market district, on a wedge of land cut off from the rest of the city by the fractured Laun River. The northern docks are open to the Boreal Sea as well as the mouth of the Laun. South of the docks is the warehouse and business district, where trading companies store their goods and organize imports and exports. To the southwest of the warehouses is the public baths. The southern section of the southeast half of the city is locally known as the Tangle, an impoverished, lawless maze of squalid residences and seedy establishments.


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